Promoting architectural entrepreneurship, because the best design comes from independent minds.

When you experience great architecture, you know it. At Hyperform, we love that. We've built a business around it. Enjoy!




Hyperform Design Co-op, Inc., is an architect-led design collaborative, dedicated to the proposition that design has the power to change lives. The board of directors appoints an Architect-In-Charge to oversee each project. This establishes a clear reporting hierarchy, and a strong humanist voice in every project. Hyperform brings together some of the finest architects, designers and industry specialists in our operating areas, all of whom share an intrinsic motivation to make life better through design. What others see as obstacles, we see as design parameters. Thus, our work is in harmony with the fundamental needs of our clients and end users.

In addition to rendering first-rate architectural design services, the co-op provides educational and collaborative opportunities to communities and their designers – outlets for design ideas, a collegial culture, and the satisfaction of taking a leadership role in the world. Instead of waiting for opportunities, our architects make dreams tangible.

Members of the Hyperform Design Co-op are individuals who have design resources at their disposal. We combine forces to render fee-based design services for high-profile, multi-discipline projects. Our overhead costs are low because our operations are decentralized and we share common space at our headquarters. We are autonomous creative agents with the option for low-friction collaboration. Click to view our Annual Report and By Laws.

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